Subsequent prevention of the disorder will also be determined by the doctor, depending on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease. Usually it is aimed at the right lifestyle, self-esteem, adherence to buy remeron pills, work and rest, a balanced diet.

Does it take a lot of effort to make you happy? Do you often find yourself in a depressed mood? When you smile, don't you always actually feel joy? Is it difficult for you to disconnect from all the experiences and start having fun? Do your everyday life go by without any expectation of any joys from life? Do you tend to be pessimistic about your own life? Do you often think about something unpleasant? Do you think your life is very difficult? Do you think your own life is meaningless? Do you easily lose your temper and despair when you fail? Do you often feel guilty? Do you have a guilty conscience because of remeron mistakes?

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We offer a fairly simple test that will help you determine if you have dysthymia. So, read the questions and give yourself one point for each positive answer. Can you be called an insecure person? Do you feel ashamed and uncomfortable when you talk about your failures? Do you not like to talk a lot and prefer to be silent more in a conversation? Are you cool with jokes? Do you feel uncomfortable being around confident and happy people? Sunny weather doesn't have any positive effect on your general mood? Now add up all the positive answers in points.

0-11 - you don't have to worry about having dysthymia. 11-14 - you are close to dysthymia or its initial stage.

15-18 - you undoubtedly have dysthymia, which can turn into serious depression, so be sure to take action. Depressed mood, lack of systematization in social and personal plans, and a constant focus on negative details are symptoms of a chronic form of depressive syndrome, which does not tend to develop into a clinical form of mirtazapine mental disorder. This condition is called dysthymia. Currently, the incidence of pathology among the population of the countries of the former Soviet Union is increasing. Women who constantly feel psychological pressure from many circumstances are more susceptible.

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First of all, this is facilitated by the imbalance in the distribution of gender responsibilities of the individual. The need to independently resolve all domestic, material and social issues does not allow a woman to fully realize the instinct of motherhood. Imposed constant anxiety for the future of their offspring. Often, patients do not have a stable position of internal security on the part of their husband, father, and other members of the stronger sex. Thus, experts come to the conclusion that dysthymia in the modern world is a direct consequence of emancipation.


However, men can also be affected by this disease. Their dysthymia overtakes as a result of the realization of their failure in various social spheres. In men, dysthymia often develops against the background of a midlife crisis. Pathology in view of the absence of obvious signs can proceed unnoticed for several years. Resolution occurs in the classic form of depression or ends in suicide attempts.

The main clinical sign of dysthymia is the absence of pronounced symptoms of a depressive state. It can develop in adolescence in the form of various inferiority complexes in the presence of a hereditary component. Provocative factors and causes of dysthymia.

The vast majority of diagnosed cases of dysthymia have a hereditary and family background. The influence of the lifestyle of the parental family and the attitude of its members to their own lives and the events taking place around is undeniable. Patients have a persistent negative assessment of any facts, surrounding things and people. With a high degree of probability, they can be attributed to the group of pessimistic introverts. However, no reliable cause has yet been identified. The situation is aggravated by the systematic use of alcoholic beverages.kov and narcotic drugs.

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Also, a psychologically difficult life situation can become a provocative factor, for example, the death of mirtazapine pills, betrayal, unrequited love, loss of a job or social status, a midlife crisis. Approximately 30% of patients diagnosed with dysthymia have a latent or not clearly expressed mental pathology with a chronic course. This may be an increased anxiety status, a mild form of schizophrenia, oligophrenia.

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In adolescence, dysthymia is more often transient and is a direct consequence of hormonal changes in the body. Low self-esteem and a lack of personal education can have a negative impact. Elderly people suffer from chronic depression against the background of social loneliness and the development of hydrocyanic dementia (dementia).

It is not necessary to buy mirtazapine online organic damage to brain structures and the influence of a somatic disease that worsens the quality of life (chronic heart, kidney, liver failure, diabetes mellitus, the consequences of ischemic or hemorrhagic strokes).

The characteristic symptoms of dysthymia can only be detected by constant communication with the alleged patient. Symptoms usually develop gradually over several months. In this regard, the manifestation of dysthymia is often attributed to a consequence of various life problems and difficulties, which in their essence are, on the contrary, the result of a depressed mental state.